Squid Becomes Officials Medical Supplier of US Ski & Snowboard

We're incredibly excited to announce that the Squid team have become an official medical supplier of US Ski & Snowboard! 

Boasting some of the worlds greatest athletes, Squid will be at the heart of the the team's endeavours for the foreseeable future, including the run in to the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

With the Squid being as portable as it is, it will allow the company to reap the benefits of having access to cold compression at all points during their competitions. Any trauma to the joints of the athletes can be attended to immediately with -18 degree cold temperatures, and the deepest cold compression on the market! 

You can find out more information about the team here.

We wish the US Ski & Snowboard team all the absolute best of luck in the upcoming year.

The Squid Team

The World Champs

The World Champs saw the best athletes in the world gather in London for a week of sporting brilliance.

Amongst them was Squids very own Marketing Manager, Ieuan Thomas. Selected to represent Great Britain & Northern Ireland in the Steeplechase, Ieuan's run in was far from perfect, clattering a steeplechase barrier 2 weeks earlier, tearing his VMO.

So, as with other members of various teams, including Great Briatain & Northern Ireland, Squid was top of he list when packing to head to the games.

For Ieuan, Squid was the perfect companion through the 2 weeks he was there due to the portability. Used at the hotel, trackside, and on the journey to and from the Games, Squid was a key reason why Ieuan was able to stand on the start line and compete.
Feel free to get in touch for a completely free trial/ demo of Squid. They're thick and fast at the moment with pre-season and early season well under way.
All the best,
The Squid Team

Squid at the TT

With June comes one of the greatest sporting events on the planet; the Isle of Man TT!

Here at Squid Compression & SPORTTAPE, we're fortunate enough to work closely with Scott Physiotherapy. A team of fantastic, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable professionals, who are the trusted Clinical partners at the TT.

Every year, the world's most portable, coldest & deepest, cold compression device takes centre stage in the Scott Physiotherapy tent, and is there ready to treat the riders straight off their stage.

Squid has been integral over the past few years in helping to reduce any bruising and swelling from the impact of the injury, allowing the riders to recover, ready to give it their all again. And this year is no different. Even during practice, Squid was used by a number of riders, helping them both physically and mentally to recover from the tough conditions they face.

We look forward to hearing more from Isla and her team over the next couple of weeks, so make sure that you keep an eye out on our Twitter page for updates and pictures!

All the best,

The Squid Team

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