A Game Changer

Ahead of the UK launch, Squid is picking up pace! We've (SPORTTAPE) have been overwhelmed by the positive response from athletes and physiotherapists. The ability to easily assist recovery at home or in the treatment room is proving to be a real winner.

In the past month Squid has been used by; rugby players, sprinters, netball players, footballers, squash players and snowboarders. We've encountered virtually every question and discovered a lot about the various demands athletes have for a compression device. Thankfully Squid has ticked all of the boxes so far! Here are just a few from Twitter @squidcompress.


"The Squid has become part of many of our athletes routine in their preparation, recovery and management of injuries in elite netball. The ability to deliver cold compression in a time efficient, effective and portable system enables us to maximise recovery and availability of our athletes to take to the court day after day". - Ros Cooke. England Netball Physiotherapist