The Squid Gets full use at the Isle of Man TT

With the Isle of Man TT being such a well known sporting event within the UK we were desperate to get the Squid Compression Device over to the medical team to see if we could assist in the riders recovery. Luckily for us we have been able to work with the team at Scott Physiotherapy over the past couple of years with SPORTTAPE so they were mad keen to try the Squid.

After speaking to Isla during and after the event, we soon realised just how much she enjoyed using the Squid Compression Device. As soon as any rider who had come off their bikes, Isla soon had them hooked up on one of the Squid units to help reduce any bruising and swelling from the impact of the injury. The size and ease of use of the Squid device made treating riders a much simpler process for Isla and the team as the riders were able to take the devices away with them.

The Scott Physiotherapy team used Squid units extensively at the Isle of Man TT Races 2015. We were extremely impressed by the ease of use, portability, battery life and the results of the Squid system, so much so that we came to the conclusion at the end of the race meeting that they were essential kit for TT2016. The riders also really liked the Squid and commented on how straightforward they were to use, and they were impressed with the benefits of what they felt to be an effective ice compression system. Isla Scott, Scott Physiotherapy

Not only did the Scott Physiotherapy team see a benefit in the Squid from a physical point of view, but also psychologically. After the speeds that the TT riders tend to crash it is hardly surprising that they are shook up following the crash. Putting the Squid on after gave the riders the perfect opportunity to relax whilst also being treated, which the Scott Physiotherapy team felt was a huge benefit.

We loved seeing the Squid being used so frequently across the race week and we are delighted to be working with Isla and the team for many more upcoming Isle of Man TT's.