The Travelling Squid

Squid is great! There can be no questioning that. From the deepest and coldest compression on the market, to the durability and ease of use, nothing compares to Squid Compression.

However, it is by far and away the portability that our customers love most, and it is this that makes Squid stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Each pump weighs just 450 grams and can be held in your hand, each wrap is joint specific to both target the area of pain specifically and to make it small enough to carry around with you, and the unit gets up to 50 uses per single charge!

All 3 of these benefits add to one extremely portable device.

So what is it about portability that makes Squid so much more beneficial for recovery and rehab?

Well, let's begin with when recovery is needed the most.

Let's look at this from an athlete's perspective; post session. Post session, you need to get nutrition straight on board because that's what is needed to recover quickly. You need to do a cool down and stretch, again, because that's what is needed to prevent DOMS to enable a quicker recovery. Ice baths are a fantastic asset, but needed quickly post session. All in all, quick recovery is essential to performance.

We know that having a cold compression device that works to increase your recovery rate is essential to improving your performance. But having one that you can take to training, and use immediately after your session, when you need it the most, is nothing but a perfect asset to your recovery.

What else is there?

There's travelling. Post game or competition, you're constantly travelling. Be it flying back from a European game, or a 12 hour bus journey from the North of Britain to the South. If you can use that time more constructively by using it to recover, then it's a winning situation. Squid is so portable that using the unit on a plane, in a car, on a bus, or on a train is a breeze!

And then there is during the game. If you're a physio for a team, and a player takes a knock, sprains an ankle, or anything else really for that matter, Squid is ready to go. It's there pitch side with you, ready to target the injury immediately! It's the equivalent of using ice pitch side to reduce the swelling before it gets any worse, but having the bonus of compression driving the cold deeper!

So all in all, the benefits of having the most portable cold compression device on the market are enormous! And the final cherry on top... the price! £549 + VAT.

All the best,



Squid At The World Half Marathon

It's been an exciting week for Squid, as we've been helping the International teams prepare for the World Half Marathon, in Cardiff.

With some of the worlds greatest ever half marathoners taking to the streets of Cardiff, getting the athletes to the start line fit, healthy, and fully recovered was the priority! So we worked alongside Welsh Athletics and their medical team to provide treatment & recovery, where and when needed.

There were a total of 50 International teams competing, and Squid was there to help each and every team get to the start line in peak shape, starting with the Algerian team.

15 women in total had gone sub 70 for the half, and 9 men sub 60. The field was stacked, and we wanted nothing more than to see a quick, competitive race. Boy, were we not disappointed! An epic 67.31 won the women's race, and it took an attempt at the world best time to win the men's race, with Geoffrey Kamworor falling just short over the last couple of miles, where the rain and wind picked up drastically!

And Squid was of course there straight after the race, helping countless Athletes recover from the hard race and the harsh weather!

A great day for Athletics, and a great day for the Squid team.

Until next time!

Warm Weather Training - New Zealand Style!

This winter I was lucky enough to be able to go back home to New Zealand for some warm weather training and racing. For two months I was able to train without my rain jacket on! It was great! For the first week I was back, unfortunately I picked up a little niggle in my foot that prevented me from doing too much training. Luckily with a few days rest and the help from my Squid cold compression device I was able to get back into my training routine.

My favourite part about being home is that I can go to the beach whenever I want to! East, West, North or South, it’s only a couple of hours drive to an awesome surf. Most weekends I was with my family in the Coromandel because this is our favourite place to stay. While I was staying there, my dad took me to some of the walking/running trails in the area, and they were incredible! I love having new places to run, especially when it is within New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery.

As well as beautiful long runs, I was also finally able to get some good track work done in preparation for my races in mid January. This meant the duration of reps was short but the intensity was high! I always find that when I get to track work and am able to chuck on my spikes I have tight and sore calves the next morning from constantly running on my toes. This season, however, I had a new recovery toy – my Squid Cold Compression device! It has been my best friend, especially after track sessions! It was fantastic. I could take it to the track with me with the gel pack, do my session (usually took about an hour) and use the Squid, and it was still cold!

It made my calves feel so much better the next morning, which helped me recover for training that day. I had a lot of curious looks while I was home as no one had seen one of these before and once I let them try it out they were incredibly impressed. But it helped me get one of the best blocks of training I’ve ever had in.

After one of my races I was driving another athlete home (about a 3 hour drive) and she was complaining about a sore quad. Hearing this, I grabbed the squid out and chucked it on her leg in the car. I love how portable it is. The next time I saw this particular girl she told me her quad was feeling better!

It’s the portability that I find so useful. I was able to take it on the plane with me in my hand luggage (exc. Gel pack) and during my layover time I could throw it on and get my circulation going again to get rid of the swelling that occurred during the long flights. So light, so portable and so effective. This meant that I could get straight on with training the day after my flight!


Overall, I had an amazing time being back home with my family as well as getting in some decent warm weather trainings. For now though its back to the cold weather and time to prepare for some indoor racing.