Squid Returns & Repairs

Squid is an incredible product, there is no doubt about it. Not only are we certain that you'll fall in love with it like thousands have, Squid is also incredibly durable. It's built to last in the harshest of conditions. 

However, things can happen. So here is a quick guide to Squid returns & repairs:

Squid Returns

  • We offer a fantastic 7 day, money back guarantee
    • All we ask is that the Squid unit is returned in the same condition that it is sent
    • Just let us know, and be sure to send the Squid unit back within 7 days of us

Squid Repairs

  • Squid's pump has a year long warrantee to go along with it, so in the event of an issue occurring within the first year, we'll fix the pump for free, so long as it's not user damage
    • We'll arrange to collect the pump from you via DHL/UPS
    • Once the pump arrives back here, we'll get a spare pump out to you via next working day delivery to use whilst the pump get's fixed
  • In the event that the pump is older than a year, we can send this off to get fixed.
    • The charge is 150 USD + postage
    • Once this has been paid, we'll arrange collection via DHL/ UPS
    • Once the pump has arrived back here, we'll get a spare out to use in the meantime

    We hope that clears everything up, but any questions, feel free to get in touch!