Health Partners Europe

If you’re a member of a healthcare scheme operated by Health Partners Europe, such as the FA Premier League Medical Care Scheme or the ECB Healthcare Trust, then you may have the option to claim for a Squid Cold Compression Unit through your membership.


This will be discretionary and is subject to a few conditions:

  • There is a legitimate injury to a player that requires the use of Squid Cold Compression.
  • The claim is ideally Consultant led, but the professional opinion of a Club Doctor or Lead Physiotherapist will be considered.
  • The Club notifies Health Partners Europe in advance of their claim.


The claim can normally be resolved very quickly, and once all has been confirmed, we can send the Squid straight to the Club. We will also email the invoice direct to Health Partners Europe to ensure that everything is as easy as it can be from your end.


To find out more, you can either contact Health Partners Europe direct, or speak to us at Squid Compression. We’re more than happy to help.

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