Squid is quickly becoming an ever increasingly important part of the service offered by medical professionals at their clinics.


  • Squid can be rented out to your clients as an extra part of their treatment. The sheer portability & durability of Squid allows clients to either use at the clinic, or at home. 
  • The cold compression can help to increase the recovery process for your clients, which leads to happy clients!
  • Payment plans by current clinics include a 30 minute rate, an hourly rate, a daily rate, and a special package which includes treatments with use of Squid.


    • We all know how important word of mouth and reputation are in marketing, especially within the clinical world. Well we are constantly getting feedback from clinics telling us how impressed their clients are with Squid, and how they'll recommend it to friends and family.


      • Squid is significantly more affordable than the market leading ice water circulation device.
      • We (SPORTTAPE LTD) also offer discounted rates for bulk purchases.
      • We (SPORTTAPE LTD) are so confident in the Squid that we offer a 7 day money-back guarantee (subject to conditions).


          • The Squid pump drives four different compression levels up to 85 mmHG.
            Perfect for anything from pre operation, to faster recovery post session!
          • Squid uses a frozen gel packs at -18° C, which is fantastic for any swelling. Ice water therapy devices have operating temperatures ranging from 2°-10° C
          • If your clients don't require cold compression, just remove the gel pack and use the wrap to provide intermittent sequential compression.