Squid is currently being used by some of the top athletes and sports teams around the UK. Here is just a small snapshot of the users feeling the benefit.


"I found the Squid cold compression system extremely easy to use and very handy due to its size which makes it simple to carry around with me. The compression from the unit was impressive coupled with the low temperatures that can be achieved with the gel pack make this a well rounded product which I found extremely useful."

Joe Simpson - Wasps & England RFU


"Using the Squid compression device has enabled me to accelerate my post game recovery dramatically, especially as it's easy and portable for the long journeys!"

Christian Ribeiro - Wales & Exeter City FC


"The Scott Physiotherapy team used Squid units extensively at the Isle of Man TT Races 2015. We were extremely impressed by the ease of use, portability, battery life and the results of the Squid system, so much so that we came to the conclusion at the end of the race meeting that they were essential kit for TT2016. The riders also really liked the Squid and commented on how straightforward they were to use, and they were impressed with the benefits of what they felt to be an effective ice compression system."

Isla Scott - Lead Physio Isle of Man TT 


"The addition of the Squid compression units into the Warriors Medical department has been a great success. The players enjoy the portability of the unit and feel they get good cooling effects as they try to manage their injuries or personal recovery between training. We have utilised the lightweight and mobile units on our away travel with ease and to good effect, we often have them out daily for use in the physio room. We like having the option to use them for sequential compression without the gel packs as well and this is something we may use further as part of our recovery processes in training."

Julie Snow - Senior Team Physiotherapist, Worcester Warriors.

“I have liked using the Squid unit for icing around the club, it gives me the freedom to move around whilst getting my recovery done! It definitely gets cold enough and provides a good mix of pressure depending on which body part you need to treat.”

 Chris Pennell - Worcester Warriors Player 


"The Squid compression system has high quality construction, is effective, compact and simple to use."

 Craig Ranson - WRU Consultant Physiotherapist


"The Squid device has been a vital aid to my recovery from anterior cruciate ligament surgery. After surgery, I experienced swelling and inflammation around the knee. Daily treatment from the Squid allowed me to reduce the swelling and progress my rehab further. It's allowed me to get that last 8/10% back to full recovery. The portability of the unit is brilliant so I could take it with me to training and use immediately after. The fact that the unit can be used with ice packs and on it's own for compression has really been a blessing. Thank you so much to the team who provided excellent customer service."

JJ Jegede - GB Long Jumper



"Squid compression  is awesome. I can literally take the device anywhere with me for instant recovery. I take Squid to the track, to the gym, and even to the beach after my runs on holiday! It's incredibly portable, and easy to use. I love it. Best of all, I take Squid on planes and use it during my flights and layovers.

I can take the gel pack with me on a hot day at the track and it will still be cold for me after the session. The faster I can get into my recovery, the harder I can train the next day, so Squid is perfect for me. I don't even have to find a socket to plug into due to it's 50 uses per charge. Highly recommended by me!"

 Katherine Camp - New Zealand 800m Athlete


"We have been using Squid Compression for around 2 months to help treat injuries sustained by our Under 19 female academy players.  The girls in our academy are on a structured football pathway and it’s important that we limit their time out injured as much as possible.  We have predominantly been using it to help with ankle and knee injuries and have found that by using Squid, the girls are able to return to some form of training more quickly than would have been expected with other more traditional recovery methods.

As well as the recovery benefits, it’s easy to set up and not too heavy to transport which has helped us get the maximum possible use out of it."

 Claire O'Sullivan - Head Coach, Coleg Y Cymoedd Elite Football Girls Academy


"For the past 12 months we have been working with Squid Compression. Our experience with both the product and the company has been nothing but amazing. 
The majority of our patients benefit from using the squid. We now own 10 of the squid units with the various cuffs. Surgical clients, chronic effusion, or acute trauma, they all get provided with a squid to take home as part of the rehabilitation package. This helps set us apart from the rest. All patients regardless of their goal want to get recover quickly and the squid definitely helps."
Alex Chester - Senior Therapist & Founder, Flex Hell


"The Squid truly is the best portable compression and ice recovery unit. Perfect for away games as I can quite literally fit it in my pocket. It's so easy to use whether at home on my sofa or on the bus back from a game."
Chris Cook - Scrum Half, Bath Rugby