Squid Becomes Officials Medical Supplier of US Ski & Snowboard

We're incredibly excited to announce that the Squid team have become an official medical supplier of US Ski & Snowboard! 

Boasting some of the worlds greatest athletes, Squid will be at the heart of the the team's endeavours for the foreseeable future, including the run in to the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

With the Squid being as portable as it is, it will allow the company to reap the benefits of having access to cold compression at all points during their competitions. Any trauma to the joints of the athletes can be attended to immediately with -18 degree cold temperatures, and the deepest cold compression on the market! 

You can find out more information about the team here.

We wish the US Ski & Snowboard team all the absolute best of luck in the upcoming year.

The Squid Team