The World Champs

The World Champs saw the best athletes in the world gather in London for a week of sporting brilliance.

Amongst them was Squids very own Marketing Manager, Ieuan Thomas. Selected to represent Great Britain & Northern Ireland in the Steeplechase, Ieuan's run in was far from perfect, clattering a steeplechase barrier 2 weeks earlier, tearing his VMO.

So, as with other members of various teams, including Great Briatain & Northern Ireland, Squid was top of he list when packing to head to the games.

For Ieuan, Squid was the perfect companion through the 2 weeks he was there due to the portability. Used at the hotel, trackside, and on the journey to and from the Games, Squid was a key reason why Ieuan was able to stand on the start line and compete.
Feel free to get in touch for a completely free trial/ demo of Squid. They're thick and fast at the moment with pre-season and early season well under way.
All the best,
The Squid Team