The Travelling Squid

Squid is great! There can be no questioning that. From the deepest and coldest compression on the market, to the durability and ease of use, nothing compares to Squid Compression.

However, it is by far and away the portability that our customers love most, and it is this that makes Squid stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Each pump weighs just 450 grams and can be held in your hand, each wrap is joint specific to both target the area of pain specifically and to make it small enough to carry around with you, and the unit gets up to 50 uses per single charge!

All 3 of these benefits add to one extremely portable device.

So what is it about portability that makes Squid so much more beneficial for recovery and rehab?

Well, let's begin with when recovery is needed the most.

Let's look at this from an athlete's perspective; post session. Post session, you need to get nutrition straight on board because that's what is needed to recover quickly. You need to do a cool down and stretch, again, because that's what is needed to prevent DOMS to enable a quicker recovery. Ice baths are a fantastic asset, but needed quickly post session. All in all, quick recovery is essential to performance.

We know that having a cold compression device that works to increase your recovery rate is essential to improving your performance. But having one that you can take to training, and use immediately after your session, when you need it the most, is nothing but a perfect asset to your recovery.

What else is there?

There's travelling. Post game or competition, you're constantly travelling. Be it flying back from a European game, or a 12 hour bus journey from the North of Britain to the South. If you can use that time more constructively by using it to recover, then it's a winning situation. Squid is so portable that using the unit on a plane, in a car, on a bus, or on a train is a breeze!

And then there is during the game. If you're a physio for a team, and a player takes a knock, sprains an ankle, or anything else really for that matter, Squid is ready to go. It's there pitch side with you, ready to target the injury immediately! It's the equivalent of using ice pitch side to reduce the swelling before it gets any worse, but having the bonus of compression driving the cold deeper!

So all in all, the benefits of having the most portable cold compression device on the market are enormous! And the final cherry on top... the price! £549 + VAT.

All the best,