Believe In & Love Your Product - It's Your Life

I thought I'd share a brief insight into the last year of my life, in which I took up a new challenge, and fell in love with what I do.

When you're a Sales & Marketing Manager for a company, believe me when I say how much of a difference it makes when you believe in your product, and just as importantly, love your product!

Since taking over the roll at SPORTTAPE & Squid Compression, coming in to work every morning has become an exciting prospect. You look forward to the challenges ahead, to preaching your love of the product, to the new customers you're showing off your product to.

What you really love, more than anything else, is the feeling the develops when you see somebody using your product for the first time, and falling immediately in love with it too.

It's a feeling that is easy to get when you have a product with exceptional value, and a product that works brilliantly.

Take Squid Compression for example, it offers exceptional value for money. Colder & deeper, more portable, and easier to use than any other product on the market. What's more, my wife and I have one ourselves. We swear by it. We used the device once, fell immediately in love with it, went out and bought one. We're both high level track athletes, so we understand the importance of recovery, and having a Squid unit has made all the difference his season.

Since falling in love with Squid, it's been more of a pleasure than a job to sell to Universities, medical professionals, sporting teams, & athletes. It's a fantastic feeling to know that you're helping them out with their teams, athletes and clients, especially when you know first hand how much it will benefit them.

Hope you enjoyed!

All the best,