Squid has been getting busier and busier the last couple of months, so we thought we'd update you with some of the things going on!

With cryotherapy and portability becoming more prominent in the medical world, a lot of teams and physios are turning to Squid to provide the best of both worlds. This only means one thing: free demos & trials are manic! The Squid team are constantly on the road visiting clinics, physios, and clubs, with our 6 trial units on constant rotation.

If at any point you fancy a completely free trial or demo, we're almost guaranteed to be near your area within a few weeks, so don't hesitate to jump on the trial list. It's what we're here for!

There's no obligation to purchase, no wrong opinion, no hidden charges. Just let us know where, and we'll let you know when we can. And if we can't make it (i.e. the Isle of Man TT image below), we can always send you the trial unit for a week! Simple as that.



Next came along our idea to introduce a pay monthly, interest free financial plan. This made things even busier, with players, consumers, and physios all expressing interest. Our aim is always to make Squid even more accessible, and starting from just £54.90 a month, this has been achieved. Just call us on 02921 321 617 if that is of interest!

We're also hitting more & more events, to help out as many people as we possible can! We recently blogged about the World Half Marathon in Cardiff where we helped Welsh Athletics with the elite athletes, and next is once again, the Isle of Man TT! If you see us about, feel free to give us a shout.

We're back on the road over the next couple of weeks. Football clubs, clinics, rugby clubs, to name but a few. Lots more going on in the background too, so watch this space for some more news & info.

All the best,

The Squid Team!