Squid At The World Half Marathon

It's been an exciting week for Squid, as we've been helping the International teams prepare for the World Half Marathon, in Cardiff.

With some of the worlds greatest ever half marathoners taking to the streets of Cardiff, getting the athletes to the start line fit, healthy, and fully recovered was the priority! So we worked alongside Welsh Athletics and their medical team to provide treatment & recovery, where and when needed.

There were a total of 50 International teams competing, and Squid was there to help each and every team get to the start line in peak shape, starting with the Algerian team.

15 women in total had gone sub 70 for the half, and 9 men sub 60. The field was stacked, and we wanted nothing more than to see a quick, competitive race. Boy, were we not disappointed! An epic 67.31 won the women's race, and it took an attempt at the world best time to win the men's race, with Geoffrey Kamworor falling just short over the last couple of miles, where the rain and wind picked up drastically!

And Squid was of course there straight after the race, helping countless Athletes recover from the hard race and the harsh weather!

A great day for Athletics, and a great day for the Squid team.

Until next time!