Athlete Testimonials

Squid has been busy recently! Helping athletes around the country recover faster and perform better. Here's what some of our users have had to say...

"Using the squid has enabled me to accelerate my post game recovery dramatically, especially as it's easy and portable for the long journeys!" Christian Ribeiro, Exeter City FC

"The Scott Physiotherapy team used Squid units extensively at the Isle of Man TT Races 2015. We were extremely impressed by the ease of use, portability, battery life and the results of the Squid system, so much so that we came to the conclusion at the end of the race meeting that they were essential kit for TT2016". Isla Scott, Lead Physio Isle of Man TT

"We have utilised the lightweight and mobile units on our away travel with ease and to good effect, we often have them out daily for use in the physio room. We like having the option to use them for sequential compression without the gel packs as well and this is something we may use further as part of our recovery processes in training.” Julie Snow, Senior Team Physiotherapist, Worcester Warriors.

“I have liked using the Squid unit for icing around the club, it gives me the freedom to move around whilst getting my recovery done! It definitely gets cold enough and provides a good mix of pressures depending on which body part you need to treat.” Chris Pennell, Worcester Warriors Player

"High quality construction, effective, compact and simple to use". Craig Ranson, WRU Physiotherapist

"The SQUID device has been a vital aid to my recovery from anterior cruciate ligament surgery. Daily treatment from the SQUID allowed me to reduce the swelling and progress my rehab further. The portability of the unit is brilliant so I could take it with me to training and use immediately after. The fact that the unit can be used with ice packs and on it's own for compression has really been a blessing. Thank you so much to the team who provided excellent customer service". JJ Jegede GB Long Jumper