Flex Health & Squid Cold Compression System

There is nothing that we love more than hearing positive feedback from clients, and Flex Health are leading the way! 

Flex Health offer their clients the opportunity to use the Squid as an extra element to their recovery and injury rehabilitation, with increasingly positive results.

Cold Compression Treatment

Indeed, as I type, the Squid cold compression device, is being used as a vital recovery tool for a professional British Boxer at Flex Health, and through combining this with other treatments at their clinic, they're seeing fantastic improvements.

squid cold compression device

The success of this rental plan comes down to a combination of high quality treatment, a great level of experience in sporting injuries, and use of the best equipment. We are proud to be a big part of that.

We wish Flex Health all the best in the future, and with their current expansion.

For more information on how Flex Health are using Squid in their treatments, check the out on Facebook and Twitter.

Squid Cold Compression Device