T20 British Indoor Track 1500 Record

Some fantastic news from the weekend regarding one of Squids users!

Steve Morris (6th at the London 2012 Paraylmpics) smashed the British Indoor 1500 metre record during the Welsh Championships, in Cardiff. The focus will now be on chasing down 2 world records!

Steve is pictured racing above (blue vest & blue shorts).

Impressively, 3 weeks previous to this photo, Steve could not run at all due to a calf injury. Every session, every run, and every step would cause pain and tightness in his left calf. But thanks to perseverance in his injury recovery, and ensuring that he did everything he could to recovery, Steve has come out, on top!

Steve using Squid during his injury 3 weeks ago.

Best wishes for the upcoming races Steve!

The Squid Team.