What's Different About The Squid?

With the Squid beginning to be the centre of conversation within the medical world, the main question we (SPORTTAPE) are asked when showing medical teams is;

So what is different about the Squid?

It's fairly simple really; it is the worlds smallest, most portable sequential ice compression device. Rather than using water, the Squid uses frozen gel packs to provide cold deep into the muscle. Straight out of the freezer the Squid gel packs reach a pretty chilly temperature of -18 degrees! So there is no doubt that the cold will be driving deep for the full 15 minute treatment.

Now along with the temperature reaching -18 degrees, the Squid wraps provide sequential compression meaning that the wraps can be used for both recovery and injury treatment! These wraps have individual air chambers which inflate distally to proximally allowing for a continuous 'pump' to help the muscles recover.

The Squid unit itself is by far the smallest on the market, weighing just 1.2kg it is perfect for travelling and with a battery life of 50 treatments to a full charge it is great for tough weekend training camps!