ACL reconstruction & the Squid

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), located in the middle of the knee joint, is most commonly injured during sports that require jumping or quick changes in direction, or when the knee gets overextended.

At one time, a torn ACL was a career-ending injury but thanks to improvements in surgical procedures and new rehabilitation techniques, athletes seem to be coming back faster, and sometimes better, than ever. Though it remains a devastating injury, many point to the biggest difference being the improvements in the rehab process, which often begins the very night of the injury.

Reduce Pain and Inflammation

The first step to ACL Rehabilitation is simple, reduce the pain and inflammation associated with the surgery. While this seems obvious, there are several reasons why it is such an important step.

  • Pain and swelling has been shown in numerous studies to essentially shut down your muscles around your knee, especially the quad.
  • Without a quad, it is hard to be mobile.
  • Pain and swelling will limit your range of motion progression.


The Squid is an ideal post operation treatment and has been utilised by many athletes (you'll find most on our twitter!). The sequential intermittent compression in combination with cold treatment works deep into the tissue, reducing swelling and directing fluids away from the knee. Swelling is reduced, thereby improving blood flow to the injured tissue and delivering much needed nutrients and oxygen.